Bangkok – 10 important tips

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is very much a central station of the Far East. The excellent location and multiple airlines that fly in, make it a destination that almost every one passes through .Get 10 important tips to help you survive the visit in the thai metropolitan.

  1. Bangkok Taxi from airport to downtown at night – around 650 baht taxi. Beware of rip off proposals.
  2. Bangkok is known for terrible traffic jams. The Air Train above the city, is the most effective way to move around. TUK TUKs are more agile then taxis, but unlike those, have no air conditioning. Due the terrible humidity in Bangkok – this is an important consideration.
  3. Backpackers are sleeping usually around Kowasan road. Best hotels – are located in the city center.
  4. Bangkok duty free is usually cheaper than Europe, including alcohol and tobacco products.
  5. The huge weekend market – runs on Saturday and Sunday. You can find just about everything imaginable to mind there.
  6. Bargain for everything you acquire in the city. Including stores in malls.
  7. Vaccinations: Please check before traveling on specific vaccines. Sometimes there are outbreaks mainly on the islands, and it is important to be prepared in advance.
  8. In Bangkok you will find dozens of magnificent temples. Choose two or three to visit..
  9. Good air-conditioned shopping centers – Siam shopping centers, Tokyo and MBK
  10. Do not miss buying fruits from mobile carts all over the city. Cheap and very refreshing.
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