Where are the cheap flights ticket hiding?  In this directory you will find a list of cheap flights links – sites, airlines and more. Don’t forget to read, below the directory tips and tricks about how getting the best flights and what is the real cost. have a great (cheap) flight!

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Cheap flight directory

The real price of cheap flights

Every traveler is looking for cheap flights, but do you realy understand the alternative price? Cheap flight means sometimes bad food, remote and small airport, red eyes flight and old airplanes. Ofcourse its not always the case.

In this article you will fing the true about cheap flights, and also tips – how to find the good low fares, and where are the best sites to hunt those deals.

cheap flights airlines

In recent years many cheap airlines flights emerged around the world. Amond the most known airlines we can note EasyJet, Tomsonfly, RyanAir etc.

The cheap flight companies usually fly short distance, to popullar destinations. The price can be very low, but before you order you should be aware to the following things:

Most of the times the price excluding alot of thing you use to consider as basic when fly in regullar airlines companies, such as luggage, meals, drinks and somtimes even toilets. You will see less Stewardesses on board. Every thing is extra charged . If you aware of all of this in advance, then you should be okay.

cheap flight airports: The cheap flight companies will land you in small airports, a long drive from your distance. The reason is that they get great deal on those airport, and that is why they can cut it off your ticket price.

Direct ticket sale: to save money you will purchase the ticket directly from the airline site or office.