Fly with kids seating

So which seats to choose or to ask for when flying with kids?

On the assumption that you are not flying first or business with kids (you were probably you would not read this post) your alternatives are quite limited but in any case few seating tips:

Sterilized zone – if you are 3 try to find tree seat row, if you are for look for the four seat row or double dual seats. It is much easier when your kids puke on the family members rather than on the grouchy woman on the right or the businessman in the middle.

First row after the toilets or business class are suitable for kids (not only babies) there is more leg room and easier movement between the sides. You will get these seats if you are flying with babies and using a cradle.

Prefer not seat in the last row before the toilets usually the seat will not go down and it is more crowded row.

Exit row, which usually counted as the best seat in economy class are not allowed to kids. If you got it by mistake replace it on the check in because the steward/ess will not allow kids to seat and will replace you and the kids with available seats

Ask for pillows and blanket as you board to the plane and try to build a warm nest for sleeping environment