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Flightips is a tool for people who fly and pass throuh air ports, and look for ways to make their experience a better one: Wasting less time on waiting in lines, spending less money on tickets and ariving to the destination in a better and more refreshing shape.

Many of us are spending hundreds of hours in airport, flights, airport taxi etc.

The experience can be traumatic: crowded flights, overbooking, lousy flight meals, noisy children and jet lag – after long flight at weird hours.

We also experienced with a lots of awful flights, and we familiar with most air lines and air ports. So, we decided to gather our life experience – the tips and tricks, that helps us fly more easily, and get to our destination quicker and cheaper, and share it with you.

We will be happy if you can share with us your own experience about flights, airports and air lines.

also – if you believe that we neglect an important issue, please inform us

have a safe and enjoyable flight!

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