Flying with Kids tips

Few tips that will help you passing easily the flight with kids

  • Early check in – Cradle seats sometimes are  distributed by first in first get
  • Warm clothing even if you are flying to the Caribbeans – it is cold in the plane
  • comfortable clothes – No babies suits or fancy dresses
  • Diapers– the more the merrier – at least double than usual
  • Toys – preferred familiar that make them feel at home
  • Home blanket, doll, sheet  – to help them fall a sleep
  • pre-moistened towellette for kids – you will thank me for this tip
  • Gift or surprises – For the crises
  • Closed cap with Straw or bottle with straw – to drink when no beverage is given
  • Portable DVD – with familiar movies or shows, sound fancy but can be a life saver forthe flight and also for long car drives abroad


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