Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Manila

Traveling to the Philippines for a business meeting, or a backpackers trip? Here are few tips before you are landing at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila

Manila’s airport – Nino Aquino, is one of the few in the world where the departure tax must be paid in cash, by yourself, and not automatically as part of the ticket. The cost – 500 pesos, or  13.5 usd. In short, if you have some local currency, you should keep some for the departure.

Visa will be issued at the airport, for free. The duration varied from 7 day, to 59 days (to Israel and Brazil citizens)/

The cost of living in the Philippines is relatively low.For example, taxi from the airport to center Manila – Makati area, is about 400 pesos (about 10$).

If you have a free day, use Jeepneys – the most popular public tranportation in the philipines, to tour the city. The American army abandoned jeeps, colored, decorated, and arranged to transport passengers.

Manila weather is tropical – hot, humid and rainy (dry season, from January to June or so, can also occasionally surprise), it is important to dress appropriately, and leave the wool suits to other trips..

Health: travelers to the Philippines are required to be vaccinated. It is also recommended not to drink tap water, and in the event of an urgent medical need, check with the private hospitals, from a list that exists in all a great hotel.

If this is a one-time trip, you should strongly consider extending the stay for at least a few days, to experience the country and choose from destinations such as beautiful tropical islands in the South, or authentic mountain villages in the north. You can also settle on a trip around Manila.

Most Filipinos speak English, making it easy to get on. On the other hand, it is highly recommended to keep valuables carefully, and if possible, then it is better in the hotel safe.

If you are going for meeting south of Manila and Luzon Island, you can aim for the international airport of Cebu city