Wise buy on airplane dutyfree

 Buy dutyfree product on an airplane, is a hoby of alot of us, who feel bored on the flight, and also can’t resist the magic of the expression ‘airlines dutyfree’.

The sky shoping can be enjoyable, and also worthwhile, if you follow some rules:


1. Check the price per litter: the price in the catalogue looks very reasonable? check the size of the whiskey bottle, or the perfume packing. many times you will find out the size is smaller, and the price per litter is higher.

2. Exchange rate: the airline aware that if you are returning from your vecation, you are sometimes stuck with the local currency. Sometimes its nice to change the remaon of the money with good chocolate. but – if the exchage rate is nor atractive, you can always change it back home.

3. Buy on the return flight: If you dont need it now – just enjoy reading the catalogue. you can ask the stewardess to see the item. check it up, remember the size and the prise. If you can’t get a better deal, at the destination, or the airport duty free – then purchase it on your return flight