the Ten Commandments for duty free shopping

One of the pre-flight joys, and sometimes even during the flight, is duty free shopping. The sense of freedom and the illusion of cheaper prices than the city, make the duty free shops often nothing more than an upgraded tourist traps. That does not mean there are not things it pays to buy in duty free stores. Here, for your benefit, list of 10 rules for proper and clever duty free purchase.

  1. Came prepared and focused. You should compare prices in advance, know what you want to buy and go there immediately. Especially in the summer, you might get stuck for a long time at the cashiers.
  2. It is very important to check the product before payment. This is especially true when purchasing at duty free store overseas, which you don’t plan visiting again soon. It will be difficult to replace it afterwards..
  3. Check well. Many products, including food products such as cheese and wine, souvenirs and just clothing – are cheaper outside the airport. Consider buying those items before checking in..
  4. Check the exchange rate – sometimes bad rates make the buying inexpedient.
  5. Please note the customs quotas – bought three discounts bottles of whiskey in Frankfurt? You may pay customs upon arival.
  6. Transmission methods: When buying electronics abroad, make sure they use the same system that used in your country.
  7. Buy clothing or shoes abroad? Check carefully the measurements and make sure that these measurements are the same in your country. Otherwise, find convertion calculator. For example shoe size 42 in Europe, is identical to 43.5 in France, 8 in the UK and 8.5 in the United States.
  8. Please note the size – especially of perfumes, chocolates and alcohol. Sometimes the price seem cheap, but its not for a liter, but for 750 ml.’s . This thing common especially of airlines duty free.
  9. Packing content is a common trap: The camera in one place is cheaper, but it does not include a memory card. Elsewhere, a device PSVITA comes without a game attached to play, you have to add another $ 50 and more ..
  10. Bored? Try to sleep or read a book. The recipe of boredom and duty free, will, almost always, make a hole in your pocket.

The bottom line: You can find duty free bargains, but many times, the excitement of the flight, the design of the stores, liquor tasting and sexy stewardesses, cause us to make a bit silly decisions, and buy products we do not really need, at a not really attractive prices. Pleasant flight


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