Special meals on planes

You can find up to 30 different special meals on planes depends on your airline –  You will be surprised to find most of them in any regular airline

Pay attention that in order to assure getting special meals you need to order it at least 24 hours before the flight via the airline website, telephone or via your travel agency

Special meals most popular choices:

Infants meal – For babies up to 2 years old

Kids meal – from 2 years and up

vegetarian meal – Purely vegetarian meal: no meat or fish products, without alcohol, no diary products and eggs

Kosher meal – Strictly kosher food prepared under the supervision of a rabbinate

Glatt kosher meal

Low calory meal – Calorie-reduced meals, rich on dietary fibre, low on fat and carbohydrates

Low  sodium meal – For cardiovascular and kidney diseases: cooking salt free, low fat, non-flatulent, without alcohol

Gluten free meal – for travelers with Celiac disease

Diabetic diet – for diabetic travelers, no sugar, little fat, no battered or breaded products, no alcohol

Low cholesterol meals – For metabolic illnesses: less than 100 mg cholesterol, no animal fats, no egg yolk

Low purin meal- Food low on uric acid

Indian meal – No beef and veal, prepared and spiced Indian style

lactose free meals – For lactose or milk incompatibility

Moslem meal – No use of pork, no venison and no alcohol used

Fruit meal – Meal made with fruit (raw and fresh fruit, without meat)

Light whole meal – Light diet for the stomach, bowel, liver, gall