Day or night Flight with kids?

For long flights what is better for kids day or night flight?

Night flight: The big advantage that the kids usually fall asleep soon after take off and sometime even before. The kids can sleep most of the flight and even the whole flight if you are lucky. So what is the catch? The problem begins when the kids refuse or cannot fall a sleep. If the kids is active you will find your self praying for a short sleep, running after the kids and bagging him/her to be quite while avoiding the educational looks from the passengers. If the kids did not sleep during the flight you will start your vacation all exhausted with bad mood. So if your kids sleep everywhere, try the night flight otherwise maybe the day flight is for you

Day flight: The kids are lively which can be an advantage but this is also the catch keeping your kid busy for many hours is tough challenge. If you chose or had to take the day flight take as many games as you can, portable DVD can be a live saver.

Have a great flight