Car hire abroad, is a significant component cost of the vacation. Due to the large number of rental companies, need to read small print on the contract, and lack of understanding of the passengers, many of them prefer to rely on travel agent’s recommendation, but, tips and lessons in this article will clarify why you should do some tests before choosing the rental company.

Hertz car hire abroad example

In the summer of 2009, during a trip to Holland, of course with a rental car, the car rental company Hertz, we passed one day over the speed limit. More than two months later came a letter from the Hertz with a message that we received a fine.

The company explained that  a separate letter will be sent by the Nederland police, and they just warn us about the news. For this service, We were amazed to find that Hertz car rental company collected 15 euros – approximately 10% of the penalty that came later ..

Hertz ofcourse was backed up with the small print of the car rental contract, and is a lesson to us all – when renting a vehicle, it is important to hear the recommendation of the agent, but one must also read the entire agreement, before the seals.

Rental car – do and don’t do

After the painful personal story about Hertz, we have to admit that it really was not the only company that act like this. Hopefully the tips and advices offered here, will make your expirience of rent a car – a positive one.

Baby car seat – bring your own. is possible and desirable to bring your seat, Especially if you use airport car rental. It’s not just saving a few tens of euros, but mainly use a chair that you know and trust him suited to your baby.

full tank – car rental companies will give you the vehicle with full tank and will expect to get a full tank with the return of the car – unless something else writen in the agreement. If you do not fill the tank,  you will be charged excessive amount by the car renter .By the way, filling the tank 10 or 15 miles before the field, will do the job.

Car hire abroad market Survey – corny tip, but never the less true. When you pay several thousand dollars for a vecation, its  seems that the  payment for the car rental is small change, but the gaps between the companies can sometimes be a hundred euros.

Rent a car at home – almost always it will be cheaper to rent the vehicle before you leave, then renting at the destination country. In any case, avoid from renting at the rental booth itself, it olmost always will cost more then booking in advance. You should check the car hire rate at your travel agent, but also directly at the car rental companies own web sites.

Rental car Insurance – Obviously, if you return the car intact, you don’t need insurance. But still, consider a full insurance, including coverage for theft of the vehicle, otherwise you may be needed to pay thousands of dollars for damage or theft of the car.

Parking – travel abroad with a rental car? Check in advance, for example, that your hotel has parking for guests and if not – check in advance what will be cost. In addition, even in large cities – in Europe and the United States, entering the city center is imposible, both because of traffic congestion and due to parking costs. Try to  learn the course in advance and consider to use the parking areas, at the entrance to cities, usually located next to the subway or other public transportation.

International license – Check if your license is exepted at the destination country. In most countries, a plastic card and a picture – on your local license, is enough.

Note the return hours – usually car rental it for a period of 24 hours. If you are a little late – the car rental will be charged for another day.

Car hire at airport

When renting a car from the airport, there are several points worth noticing. Especially when you hurry, you should check or try to find out which airport agencies have shorter waiting time.

In addition, it is important to check the opening and closing hours of each agency. This is particularly important when you arrive at early morning. If you don’t choose wisely, you can wait for a long time until your car hire agency open its day.