What to eat – before the flight

The food we are eating before, and during the flight, can have a big impact on your flight quality. The right food can even asist the passengers who suffers flight anxiety.

Here are a list of tip on the right eating for enjoyable flight:

Eat carbohydrate before the flight

a slice of bread, or a light sandwich, before you are boarding, will help us feel more relax during the flight.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

Consumption alcohol before or during the flight, can couse heartburn and general discomfort. In addirion, the alcohol can couse to droping of blood sugar level – until fainting. If you like to drink anyway – do it with your meal.

Eat lightly before the flight

eat lightly and avoid eating food that is hard to digest before the flght, like fried food, fats and even vegtables like onion, legumes and cabbage.

Diet against jet lag

This diet was successfully tested on soldiers, to relieve jet lag of armies moving frequently to different places around the world. its a 3 days diet. The first day include a lot of protein and carbohydrate-rich dinner.

The next 2 days include light meals including salads, soups, fruits and juices. You can read here more a bout the jet lag diet.

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